Launch Example

To introduce you to the API, we've created an example visualization in HTML5. Feel free to reuse the source code as you wish.

More Inspiration


What does a great visualization look like?

Our judges will be looking for that wow factor, that addictive tool that shows us something we didn't know, something that illustrates relationships, hidden stories, and simple facts in a way that is uniquely insightful to tax payers. Entries should strive to achieve these qualities:

  • Storytelling: Uses narrative, point of view, or tone to tell a persuasive story.
  • Clarity: Presents information that is accessible, accurate, and meaningful.
  • Relevance: Communicates information that is timely, personal, or relatable.
  • Utility: Provides insights that can inform action.
  • Aesthetics: Embodies beauty, balance, and visual originality.

A Note on Interactivity

We're excited that the web is making it easier than ever to create interactive data visualizations, and we're hoping that this challenge will produce some great interactive pieces. That's why we've provided the API. However, before you start adding all the interaction you can imagine, think about what meaning an interaction brings to the piece and how best to convey that meaning.


Get the Data