About the Data

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Andrew and Louis, two engineers frustrated by the opacity of the federal budget, took publicly available government data going back to 1985 and built a database to store and organize it. Their site, WhatWePayFor.com, allows you to browse this database and relate the amounts to your own yearly income tax.

Challenge submissions must use only the dataset provided by WhatWePayFor.com.

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Discuss the Budget

Join the discussion and get feedback from Andrew and Louis in the WhatWePayFor.com Forum.

How To Get The Data

Check out the API Documentation to create an interactive visualization.

Browse the data with their custom interface.

Query the API and open the results in a spreadsheet.

Launch Example

What's In The Data?

  • U.S. Federal Budget spending and revenue by total, government organization, function, and account
  • U.S. GDP, national debt, tax rates, inflation, and population
  • Years 1984 - 2010
  • Budget can be personalized for individual taxes paid and adjusted for inflation
  • Get percent of GDP, per capita amount, change over previous year, and more for each result